Задание 10 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и выполните задание:


Вы услышите разговор пассажира и водителя такси. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) The passenger in the taxi is
1. Australian.
2. European.
3. American.

2) The taxi passenger
1. drives her personal car regularly.
2. has never had a driving license.
3. prefers public transport for now.

3) According to her words, the taxi passenger
1. an architect.
2. a manager.
3. a photographer.

4) The taxi passenger says that she is
1. happy with her current job.
2. unhappy with her current job.
3. looking for a job at the moment.

5) The taxi passenger is travelling
1. on business.
2. to visit the family.
3. just for pleasure.

6) The taxi passenger is going to buy souvenirs
1. in the airport.
2. in a local shop.
3. in a supermarket.

1) – 2
2) – 3
3) – 1
4) – 1
5) – 3
6) – 2

Passenger: Hey, I prefer missing my flight to having a traffic accident.

Driver: Don’t worry, we aren’t exceeding the speed limit. It’s a highway.

Passenger: Slow down anyway, will you? I feel nervous every time I take a taxi here.

Driver: You’re from Europe, aren’t you?

Passenger: Yes, how do you know?

Driver: Europeans often feel like that on Australian roads. It’s because we drive on the left and you drive on the right. Americans take it easier though they, like you, have right-hand traffic.

Passenger: You are probably right. The left-hand traffic makes me feel strange.

Driver: Do you drive at home?

Passenger: No. Not now. I used to drive a lot when we lived in the countryside and I had to commute to the city. But I sold my car when we moved to the city centre. It caused lots of problems.

Driver: What kind of problems? Did it break down too often?

Passenger: No. It was a nice car, but it was difficult to find a parking place in the city. And the traffic jams! I was often late for work.

Driver: I see. The Underground is more reliable.

Passenger: Exactly. Once I was late for a job interview because of a traffic jam. It was a dream job with a large construction firm. I didn’t get it.

Driver: Sorry to hear that. Are you an engineer or a manager?

Passenger: Neither. I design and plan buildings.

Driver: Wow!

Passenger: Yes, and several buildings I designed have already been constructed! I’ve got the photos in my internet portfolio.

Driver: Sounds impressive. You could find a good job here I think. The construction sector is booming at the moment — we are building houses, and supermarkets, and new hotels…

Passenger: Thank you but… not now. I’ve just taken a new job and I really enjoy it. The money is good too so I don’t feel like changing anything. The job also allows me to travel a lot.

Driver: So, are you here on business?

Passenger: No, for a seaside holiday. A friend of mine suggested coming here and I don’t regret it — the beaches are beautiful! I haven’t seen much of the rest of the countryside — next time, probably.

Driver: Right.

Passenger: Oh, gosh! I haven’t even bought any souvenirs for my parents. Do you think I can buy anything in a duty-free shop?

Driver: If you want to buy something made by local people, like paintings, pottery or wooden souvenirs, there’s a shop right on the way to the airport. We can stop there if you want.

Passenger: Yes, I do! My mother loves authentic artwork. And due to your incredibly fast driving I’ve got about half an hour before the flight.