ОГЭ по английскому, аудирование задание 1 (упр 1).

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.

Вы услышите четыре коротких текста, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D. В заданиях 1—4 запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

1. The Speaker is talking about
1) using energy.
2) saving the environment.
3) studying natural rcsources.

2. Sally promiscs Mike that she will
1) pass her driving test.
2) borrow her Dad’s car for him.
3) give him a lift.

3. The girl is going to …
1) rent a room in a hotel.
2) study in a foreign country.
3) complain about a host family.

4. The advertisement is for …
1) saving on phone calls.
2) making free calls to Latin America.
3) informing about a guarantee.

ВОПРОС 1 – 2
ВОПРОС 2 – 3
ВОПРОС 3 – 2
ВОПРОС 4 – 1

Text A
I have talked to a lot of people about this, and it seems to me that we are not doing enough to look after our planet generally – I mean that we could all do a lot more. Recycling, saving energy – all that sort of things. 1 agrec that it’s not easy – and it seems a lot to do – but we could all take more responsibility for our own bit of the world. We can leam so much from nature and the natural world – and we have certainly made a lot of mistakes in the past. We have to conserve what we have now, for the future.

Text B
Sally: Hi, Mike. Guess what. I’ve passed my driving test. Isn’t it great?
Mike: Congratulations. Are you going to buy your own car, Sally?
Sally: I am afraid not. Even my elder brother doesn’t have one. I’ll have to borrow Dad’s car.
Mike: Perhaps he’ll get you a car when you go to university.
Sally: Maybe, but that’s another year yet. Tell me what you are going to do.
Mike: I’m going to join an expedition sailing round the world.
Sally: Round the world? Isn’t it great?! Look, I must go. I haven’t told Mum about passing my test yet. And… look, I’ll try to drive you to the ship, if I can borrow my Dad’s car.
Mike: That would be great. Thanks, Sally.

Text C
Agent: Good moming, how can I hclp you?
Girl: Good moming. Umm. I understand you help fix up students with host families.
Agent: That’s right. And how long would you want to stay with the host family?
Girl: I’m planning on staying a year but at the moment I’m definitely here for four months only.
Agent: Anyway, which area do you think you would prefer?
Girl: Um. Well, I’m studying right in the centre but I’d really like to live in the north-west.
Agent: That shouldn’t be a great problcm. We usually have lots of families up there. Anything about your actual room?
Girl: I would prefer my own facilitics – ‘en suite’, is that right?
Agent: Is that all?
Girl: Well… I’m really serious about improving my English so I’d prefer to be the only guest if that’s possible.

Text D
Good moming. Im ringing from Calstra telephone services, to inform you of our very special rates on calls made to anywhere in Europe and Latin America. I don’t know what you arc paying at the moment but I can guarantee that with Calstra you’ll make substantial savings on your phone bills. You don’t have to decide right away, but why not just take up our special trial period offer and see how much you can save?