Something that is described as classic is an absolutely typical example of its kind.

1. It is a classic example of what I can only call Masculine Logic .
2. Otto broke off, shaking his head in the classic manner of one baffled beyond all hope of illumination.

You also use classic to describe something such as a book or film which is of a very high quality and has become a standard against which similar things are judged.

3. …one of the classic works of the Hollywood cinema.

In this sense, classic can also be used as a noun.

4. …a great classic of Brazilian literature.
5. …cheap paperback editions of the classics.

Classical describes things that are traditional in their form, style, or content, and that have existed for a long time. Classical things are often contrasted with modem things.

6. …the company’s American-style blend of modern and classical dance.
7. …a central flaw within classical Marxism.

Classics is the study of the language and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome.

8. Guy had studied classics and philosophy at Oxford.

• Note that classical is also the adjective related to classics.

9. Traditionally in Europe the subjects qf study were classical languages, history and the natural sciences.