Chinese will replace English as an international language

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Chinese will replace English as an international language


At any age there are languages that dominate all over the world. These languages are spoken and understood by the majority of people. Nowadays, English enjoys the most popularity, yet Chinese seems to have better perspectives.

In my opinion, English will never give place to Chinese. First of all, English is said to be much easier to learn. For example, its pronunciation is much simpler to imitate and its spelling is not so sophisticated as Chinese hieroglyphics. In addition to it, many countries have English as their mother tongue, and much more countries adopted English as their second state language. But Chinese is not so widely spread throughout the world. It is unbelievable that the situation will ever change.

But there are people who are sure that Chinese will get advantage over English in the future. Their position is based on China’s economic prosperity, which is growing at a high rate. It is concidered that economical dominance is always followed by the extension of cultural influence. As language is a part of culture, it begins to spread worldwide.

Nevertheless I cannot support the pro-Chinese position because I do not see the correlation between economical state and culture. There are many countries with highly developed economy but with unpopular language. For example, Germany is known for its well-being, but German in not found in every corner of the world.

To sum up, there are hundreds of languages on the Earth, but English is beyond competition.