If someone in authority approves a plan or action, they formally agree to it and say that it can happen. For example, if a committee approves a decision, it allows the decision to be acted on.

1. At least the idea is now accepted and has even been approved by Parliament.
2. Benn was reluctant to approve projects in case they might not be commercially viable.

If someone in authority approves something such as a building or a product, they say that they are satisfied with it and allow it to be used or sold. For example, if a drug is approved, doctors are allowed to treat patients with it.

3. …premises which have been approved by the local authority.

If you approve of an action or event, you are pleased that it has happened or is going to happen.

4. I don’t like the whole idea, I didn’t approve of this meeting.
5. His return to the office was widely approved of.

If you approve of a person or something such as a book or film, you like and admire them.

6. Do you think your father will approve of me?
7. He did not approve of my pictures.