If you announce some news, you tell people about it publicly or officially.

1. All that remained was to announce their engagement and fix the date of the wedding.
2. On 1 April he announced a full public review of the project.
3. They always announce the results on the radio.

You can also say that you announce news when you tell it to a few people in a very serious or important way, even if the news itself is not very important.

4. ‘I’ve made up my mind to come back,’ announced Mrs Pringle majestically.
5. When he returned, he announced that he had broken seventeen windows.

To proclaim something important means to state publicly that something is the case or that something will happen. Governments and newspapers, for example, can proclaim something.

6. General Blanco had been authorized to proclaim an armistice.
7. The Public Safety Act allowed the Government to proclaim a state of emergency at any time without giving reasons.
8. The paper proclaimed in big banner headlines: ‘END OF WAR IN EUROPE’.
9. They proclaim adherence to a religious ethic but do not live by it.

To declare something like war or independence means to state officially that it has just begun.

10. War was declared on the enemy.
11. The decision of whether or not to declare independence still hung in the balance.
12. Starting tomorrow we will declare a hunger strike.
13. If you declare something to be the case, you officially state that it is the case.
14. India declared self-sufficiency in wheat in 1976.
15. At his trial he was declared innocent.
16. Hamburg had been declared an open city.

If you declare your position or intentions, you state them openly.

17. They argued that the party should publicly declare its opposition to the plans.
18. My opponent has declared his intention to petition the Election Court.

If you declare something, you say it firmly and definitely.

19. He declared that Jed was the murderer of Moira Page.
20. Gertrude had declared that Anne needed a holiday.
21. ‘Yes,’ she declared, ‘we must be off.’

If you pronounce something to be the case, you state officially or with authority that it is the case.

22. In the end she was pronounced cured, and released after about three years.
23. He was pronounced guilty of robbery.
24. When she left at sixteen, any inspector of schools would have pronounced her a poorly educated girl.

To pronounce something means to say it in a way that shows that you feel very sure about what you are saying.

25. ‘The letter is a forgery,’ she pronounced.
26. ‘That is good,’ Baranovich pronounced at last.