In British English, a bus is a large vehicle which takes passengers on journeys in a town or city, or to towns or villages not far away. Buses can have either one or two floors or ‘decks’. They stop at ‘bus stops’.

1. You can take the Victoria line to Walthamstow and walk or catch a bus to the door.
2. I’m waiting for the bus back to town.

In British English, a coach is a comfortable bus which takes passengers on long journeys between towns and cities, either as a regular route, or as a special journey for a school or a group of holidaymakers.

3. You may be able to travel by coach from Victoria Coach Station. 4. …various excursions, including coach trips and day trips to nearby Turkey.

In American English, both types of vehicle are referred to as buses.

5. Each day plain-clothes men rode the buses and subways.
6. …riding effortlessly over the plain in a Greyhound bus.

Other words

In informal British English, a bus with two decks is called a double-decker bus or a double-decker.

7. …the large number of double-decker London Transport buses.