An artist is a person who draws, paints, or produces sculpture, either as a job or as a hobby.

1. Giotto had, more than any artist before him, the ability to make his figures look solid.
2. He took to sketching and thought of a career as an artist.

An artist is also a writer, or a performer or entertainer such as a musician, actor, or dancer.

3. Any artist wants an audience.
4. There are few film artists who can equal this Renaissance man for sheer cultural depth.

Artiste is an old fashioned word for a professional entertainer such as a dancer, musician, or circus performer. Note that artiste is not used to refer to classical musicians.

5. He was the strong man in the acrobatic troupe, often taking the place of the usual artiste as bottom man in the ‘human pyramid’ act.
6. Bal always called himself an artiste. He was a very small-time actor.