Задание 4 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и выберите правильный ответ:


Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) I Oliver and Jessica are talking
1. in the school gym.
2. in the classroom.
3. at home.

2) Jessica has lost her
1. key.
2. mobile phone.
3. laptop.

3) Oliver wants to join …
1. a swimming team.
2. a basketball team.
3. a football team.

4) Jessica learnt to swim …
1. in a swimming pool.
2. in the sea.
3. in a lake.

5) Jessica’s father is
1. a driver.
2. a teacher.
3. a farmer.

6) Jessica suggests going to
1. the cinema.
2. the pizzeria.
3. a party.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 2
4) – 3
5) – 2
6) – 3

Jessica: Hi, Oliver!
Oliver: Hi, Jessica.
Jessica: What are you doing here? Why haven’t you gone home yet?
Oliver: I want to talk to our basketball coach. He said he would be here in half an hour, for the evening training session. And you? Why are you here so late?
Jessica: I just saw the light in the gym and dropped in to check who’s here.
Oliver: No, I mean why are you still in the school, not at home?
Jessica: Oh. I think I left my mobile in the classroom, but all the rooms are already locked.
Oliver: Pity.
Jessica: Never mind. I’m sure someone has found it and has given it to the form teacher. I’ll just ask her about it tomorrow.
Oliver: Yeah, I lost my key a couple of weeks ago. It was brought to the head teacher and I got my key back the next day. The school administration has a special box where they put all lost things — everything, from gloves to laptops.
Jessica: Yes, I know. And what do you want to see the coach for? Do you want to join the team?
Oliver: Yes… It’s actually what I have in mind. But I’m not sure I’ll be accepted.
Jessica: Why not?
Oliver: Basketball players are usually very tall, but I’m not…
Jessica: I don’t think it’s the main requirement, really! And even if it is, there are lots of other options — our football team, or our swimming team… No one cares how tall you are if you can swim fast.
Oliver: But I can’t swim at all.
Jessica: Well… Ok. Never mind. Swimming is easy. I love swimming in the sea, but it doesn’t happen very often unfortunately.
Oliver: Yeah. And where did you learn to swim?
Jessica: Oh, it was on my uncle’s farm, three years ago. It’s a nice place — there’s a beautiful lake nearby. That summer was unusually warm, and the water in the lake was warm too. We drove to the lake practically every day and my father taught me to swim. A couple of weeks, and I started to feel more confident in the water.
Oliver: You are quick. Do you always spend holidays together with your family?
Jessica: Usually with my father. He teaches Science at school and he often says that the main benefit of his work is the holidays. He has an opportunity to come on holiday together with us, my sister and me.
Oliver: That’s really good. My father works long hours and unfortunately we don’t spend much time together.
Jessica: You’re in a very pessimistic mood today. We need to cheer you up.
Oliver: Any ideas how to do it?
Jessica: Well… my sister’s friend is having a birthday party tonight. I’m invited and they won’t mind if I bring a friend. When you’ve had your talk with the coach, we can go straight there. They usually offer gorgeous pizza! And I’ve got a birthday present already.
Oliver: Are you sure they won’t mind one more guest?
Jessica: Absolutely. But it would be better to call them beforehand anyway. If you let me use your phone, I’ll do it right now.
Oliver: My phone?
Jessica: Yes, because I lost mine, remember?
Oliver: Oh, yes, sure.
Jessica: And I’ll have to make one more call, to my parents. They are in the cinema at the moment, but I want to let them know why they can’t reach me on my number. They’ll worry about me otherwise.
Oliver: Yes, sure, Jessica, you can use my phone.