Задание 19 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и выполните задание:


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) What kind of holiday was Ann speaking about?
1. Her dream holiday.
2. Her holiday in the Crimea.
3. Her holiday at the seaside.

2) Ann was worried about
1. being lost in the crowd.
2. high prices for everything.
3. the place to have meals.

3) Why didn’t Mary worry about the place to live in summer?
1. She could book a hotel suite.
2. She could rent a house.
3. She could stay at her uncle’s.

4) Who could help Ann with accommodation?
1. Mary’s uncle.
2. Ann’s relatives.
3. The girls’ friends.

5) Ann wanted to
1. go on a trip to the pyramids.
2. try scuba diving.
3. make her holiday as exciting as possible.

6) How did the friends decide to spend their time?
1. To go to Egypt together.
2. To go to the Crimea together.
3. To go to the Crimea and to Egypt together.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 1
5) – 3
6) – 2

Mary: What are you planning to do for your holiday?
Ann: For the holiday of my lifetime I definitely want to visit a country, which has incredible historical treasures, superb weather, and an amazing variety of things to do and to see.
Mary: Then you are talking about the Crimea. There’s no better place for holiday making than the Crimea. The climate is mild and the sea is beautiful. You can have a lot of interesting excursions connected with its history.
Ann: The only disadvantage is that in summer there are crowds of people there. It’s expensive to rent a good room and to have meals at a cafe.
Mary: You see I have no problems with all these things. My uncle has been living in Yalta for many years. He is a dentist. He has a nice cottage not far from the seaside. We always stay at their place when we go to Yalta.
Ann: You are lucky. Unfortunately we haven’t got any relatives in Yalta.
Mary: Maybe, I’ll be able to help you with accommodation. I’ll phone my uncle and ask him to reserve a room for you in advance.
Ann: It will be very kind of you. But I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m dreaming about the Pyramids, about a boat trip down the Nile and about the scuba diving in the Red Sea.
Mary: You’ve never told me that you’re good at swimming and diving.
Ann: I simply haven’t learnt yet.
Mary: Then I suggest that we go to the Crimea together for two weeks and I’ll teach you to swim. Then you’ll go to Egypt and enjoy your holidays there.
Ann: Good idea. It will be great fun.