Задание 18 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и выполните задание:


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Why did Martin’s friend recommend that restaurant?
1. It was new.
2. It was trendy.
3. It was impressive.

2) What was Sally’s opinion about the restaurant?
1. She liked everything except music.
2. She disliked everything.
3. She liked everything except furniture.

3) Sally had visited the restaurant
1. the previous day.
2. the day before yesterday.
3. a week before.

4) The friends decided to go to
1. the same restaurant.
2. a nice restaurant.
3. the place they saw on their way.

5) Why did Sally want some soup?
1. She wanted to warm up.
2. She han’t eat soup for a long time.
3. She preferred soup to meat.

6) What did the friends feel about the new place?
1. They were disappointed.
2. They were pleased.
3. They worried about it.

1) – 2
2) – 2
3) – 1
4) – 3
5) – 1
6) – 2

Sally: Well, Martin, we have walked so much this evening that I am very tired and hungry. Aren’t you hungry?
Martin: Yes, indeed I am. Sally, I suggest we go to this restaurant. A friend of mine recommended it to me the other day.
Sally: What did he say about it?
Martin: ‘Stylish’. That was his impression.
Sally: What was the food like?
Martin: According to him the hamburgers were delicious.
Sally: And the music? Was it pleasant?
Martin: He said, ‘Modern’.
Sally: Now I’d like to say something. The furniture is really the latest style there. It looks good but it’s so uncomfortable to sit on. The hamburgers aren’t tasty and the orange juice and coffee are terrible.
Martin: Sally have you already tried this restaurant?
Sally: Let me continue about music. It’s something in between rock and rap. I’ve never heard it before and I don’t think I want to hear it again.
Martin: Now I understand whom Harry was dating yesterday!
Sally: It doesn’t matter now. Martin, look! That place is nice and clean. I am sure we’ll enjoy our meal there.
Martin: Let’s have chicken soup with rice. Shall we?
Sally: All right, a plate of hot soup will do me good. I feel a little chilly just now.
Martin: What shall we order next?
Sally: I’ll have beef with French fried potatoes. I haven’t eaten meat for a long time.
Martin: What shall we take for dessert?
Sally: It’s up to you.
Martin: I suggest black coffee and ice cream.
Sally: I hope we won’t have to wait very long. And it seems to me that I’ll like everything about this place.
Martin: Me, too.