Задание 17 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и сделайте задание:


Вы услышите разговор двух подростков. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Whose idea was to play a game of tennis?
1. Harry’s.
2. Jill’s.
3. Of both of them.

2) Why did Harry like the game?
1. Because it’s a popular British game.
2. Because it’s his favourite game.
3. It’s played all the year round.

3) Why was Jill afraid of water?
1. Because she couldn’t swim.
2. Because nobody taught her to swim.
3. Because she almost drowned.

4) Both friends disliked
1. swimming and boxing.
2. boxing.
3. water polo.

5) What was Jill’s hobby?
1. Collecting.
2. Fitness.
3. Sport.

6) First of all Jill was eager to
1. play a game of tennis.
2. buy another pair of shoes.
3. see her collection.

1) – 1
2) – 2
3) – 3
4) – 2
5) – 1
6) – 2

Jill: I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Harry!
Harry: Don’t mention it. Where shall we go?
Jill: I haven’t had time to think it over. It’s up to you to decide.
Harry: Then I suggest we should go to the tennis court and play a game of tennis.
Jill: I’ve never played tennis but I know you are good at it. How old were you when you began to play tennis?
Harry: Let me think… I was about six years old when I started playing tennis. Since that time tennis has been my hobby.
Jill: I hear tennis is very popular in Great Britain.
Harry: Oh, yes. Tennis is played all the year round — on hard courts or grass courts in summer, and on hard or covered courts in winter.
Jill: What other outdoor games are popular in Great Britain?
Harry: Golf, football and cricket.
Jill: What about horse racing?
Harry: Lots of people in Great Britain are fond of it. Then comes swimming and boxing. Do you like swimming?
Jill: Rather. But when I was a little child I was afraid of water. Once I fell into the swimming pool and almost drowned. It took my father a lot of time and patience to teach me to swim. And I hate boxing. It’s such a rude kind of sport. And what do you think of it?
Harry: I don’t like it either. By the way, have you got any hobbies?
Jill: Guess. You are allowed three guesses.
Harry: Water polo?
Jill: No.
Harry: Horse racing?
Jill: No.
Harry: Basketball?
Jill: By no means. I am fond of collecting shoes. I have got a very good collection of shoes for running, jumping, dancing, walking. Casual shoes, shoes for parties… Care to see it?
Harry: Sorry, and what about tennis?
Jill: I am looking forward to seeing it. But, Harry, I have no tennis shoes in my collection. Maybe we’ll drop to a sports shop first?