Задание 11 на работу с диалогом

Прослушайте диалог и выполните задание:


Вы услышите разговор посетителя спортивного клуба и представителя службы охраны. Выберите правильный ответ на нижеследующие вопросы. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалог

1) Jackie says that he
1. goes to the sports centre regularly.
2. does sports from time to time.
3. has been to the centre for the first time.

2) Jackie says that on this day he came
1. to attend his gym class.
2. to see his coach.
3. to have a swim in the pool.

3) According to Jackie, his iPod went missing
1. from the reception desk.
2. from the changing room.
3. from the coffee bar.

4) The security says that the sports centre
1. provides a special place for valuable things.
2. reports stolen things to the police regularly.
3. will compensate for the lost iPod.

5) Jackie didn’t put his iPod in the safe because
1. he has never bothered about safety.
2. the safe is expensive.
3. the safe is always occupied.

6) The iPod was found
1. by the police.
2. by the security.
3. by Jackie himself.

1) – 1
2) – 3
3) – 2
4) – 1
5) – 1
6) – 3

Security: Morning. I’m Thomas Richardson, the sports centre security. The lady at the reception said that your iPod’s missing.
Jackie: Yes, that’s right.
Security: Can I ask you a few questions?
Jackie: Sure. Go ahead.
Security: Your name is…?
Jackie: Jackie Lee.
Security: OK, Jackie, do you often visit our sports centre?
Jackie: Yes. My parents brought me to the centre three years ago and signed me up for the gym classes. Since then I’ve been coming here every Tuesday and Thursday and I never miss classes as the coach says that it’s very important… not to miss…
Security: Right, but there are no morning gym classes today.
Jackie: Sometimes I come to the swimming pool, too. It doesn’t happen very often — only when I have the time. Today is such a day — I have a morning off, so I decided to have a swim.
Security: Is it possible that you’ve forgotten your iPod somewhere in the centre? In the coffee bar or in the gym?
Jackie: No. I didn’t use them today. I came to the centre quite early, bought a ticket to the swimming pool at the reception and went straight to the changing room and then to the pool. I haven’t been either to the gym or to the bar. I left my iPod in the locker in the changing room but when I came back, it wasn’t there.
Security: I see. Frankly speaking, I can’t remember our visitors ever reporting stolen valuables; they often lose things, which are usually found and brought to the reception. However, this incident looks like a crime and we’ll have to call the police I’m afraid.
Jackie: Looks like that.
Security: There’s a special safe at the reception by the way. We strongly recommend that our visitors keep valuables and mopey there. The safe is free and available for all our visitors…
Jackie: Yes, I know about the safe, but neither my friends nor I ever use it. Maybe it’s a bit careless but we’ve always left money, watches and phones in the changing rooms — nothing has ever happened.
Security: I’m calling the police.
Jackie: No, wait a moment. I think I can hear my iPod. It sounds like its in the locker. Oh goodness, it’s here in my boot. I put it inside the boot to not forget it.
Security: Fine. I’m glad you’ve found it.
Jackie: I’m really so sorry for all this trouble. My mum’s right — I’m hopelessly absent-minded.
Security: It’s OK.