Volunteering is essential for teenagers

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Volunteering is essential for teenagers


Many modern teenagers are involved in volunteering, and their involvement appears to be controversial. Some people appreciate teenagers’ participation in social projects while others would prefer teenagers to pay more attention to themselves. In this essay I am going to detail my position on this issue.

In my opinion, teenagers should not be absorbed in volunteering. When you are a girl or a boy, it is more reasonable to save your time for school and for your personal development. You had better strive for knowledge, form good habits, take care of your health rather than do the work that is within the competence of the authorities. Moreover, volunteering is unpaid, so teenagers spend their time for nothing. At a young age everyone wants to have some pocket money to go to a cafe, to buy trendy clothes or a new computer game, that is why boys and girls often find a part-time job and receive income.

But there are people who tend to think that volunteering is worth doing, because, as a rule, this activity is based on a team work. Teenagers learn how to cooperate with their peers and obey their superiors. These skills are useful for their successful future career.

Nevertheless, I cannot support my opponents’ position, because it is not only volunteering that implies team work, but there are also other activities where you have to cooperate with other people. For example, many boys and girls work as promoters handing out leaflets to the passers-by. Doing this job, they have to be disciplined, to follow their superiors’ orders and instructions and to be in active contact with the people around them. So, teenagers develop their skills and, in addition, earn money.

To sum up, volunteering is not the best option for teenagers to spend their time and to make their efforts. In this period of life, everyone should focus his/her attention on study and physical education. Also, it is possible to have a paid part-time job.