Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills.


New technologies are developing at high speed these days, and their development is unstoppable. One of the most influential technologies is the Internet penetrating into every aspect of people’s life and endangering their real-life social skills.

In my opinion, people really lose their real-life social abilities because of massive use of the Internet services. The evidence is everywhere. Firstly, when visiting a cafe or another public place, you can see a group of young people sitting together and staring into their smartphones. Instead of looking at each other and communicating, they are pushing the buttons and texting. The teenagers feel more comfortable to talk through social nets than in reality. Secondly, more people get their education online using special services. I consider it to be bad because immediate contact with your goupmates and teachers are lost in this case. To study and grow personally, it is important not only to get bare knowledge, but also to have close contacts to its bearers.

But there are people who believe that virtual Internet communication does not break any real-life social skills. They see the Internet as a copy of the reality. So, the virtual world is as rich in social interaction as the real one. People do not lose their skills, but they transfer them onto a new ground.

Nevethertheless, I cannot agree with the foregoing statement, because there is no true transfer of skills. The virtual world has its own rules of communication and real-life social skills are not applicable here. They are put aside and, in the end, completely lost.

To sum it up, I want to emphasise the necessity of finding a balance between virtuality and reality, otherwise shifting to the virtual scene will inflict serious damage on people’s social life.