Английский для продвинутых. Живая беседа по теме Trip To Washington.

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Joe: Hello?

Eric: Hey, Joe, this is Eric.

Joe: Oh hey Eric, how’s it goin’?

Eric: It’s goin’ well. How ‘bout yourself?

Joe: Yeah, I’m doin’ really well.

Eric: Great.

Joe: How was your trip up to Washington this weekend?

Eric: Oh, it was just over the top (= супер).

Joe: Nice, nice. I…

Eric: Yeah, it was…

Joe: …really wish I could have joined you guys.

Eric: Yeah, well, you should really try next year.

Joe: Yeah, no, it’s, it’s definitely on my list of things to do (= в моих планах), for sure.

Eric: Good.

Joe: Yeah, how was, did you, did you make it up there, uh, as you expected? I mean how was your, how was your trip up there?

Eric: Oh man, I am just fed up (= сыт по горло) with the airlines.

Joe: [laugh]

Eric: [laugh]

Joe: What’s new? (= Ничего нового)

Eric: If it’s not one thing, it’s another (= Вечно случается если не одно, так другое). I mean we, we got up there and, uh, and the flight was delayed. And it was really crowded. And then gettin’ out we just, you wait. And we waited and we waited and we waited for the luggage. And just, the wait just got out of hand (= чрезмерно).

Joe: Ugh…je-, y’know, we, I, y’know, I have not had a good experience with the airlines here domestically in probably about a year I would say.

Eric: Oh, I mean, it’s just…

Joe: At least.

Eric: It’s getting worse and worse and worse.

Joe: Yeah. Well I hope that, that, that didn’t rain on your parade and… (= не портить настроение, событие)

Eric: No.

Joe: …that you actually were able to have a good time after you got up there.

Eric: Oh, I mean it, they, it’s just so wonderful to be up there with those guys. It’s, they’re like family.

Joe: You gotta tell me a little bit about it ‘cause you know I’ve never been there.

Eric: Yeah, it, it’s such a beautiful place. They’ve got a bunch of cabins on the water, um…. It’s, y’know, bein’ with friends and family all the time. And, uh, my kid had just a blast (= очень понравилось) just bein’ out on the water and, um, just enjoyin’ himself. It was really his first time being able to, uh, be in a boat and realize that he’s on the water and not on the land. And, and it’s, at, at that age it’s, it’s just such a new exp-, everything’s such a new experience. He just…

Joe: Yeah.

Eric: …it was wonderful.

Joe: So, how did he, uh, how did he handle the water? Was he like, uh, was he jumpy (= чувствующий дискомфорт) or was he, was he pretty calm while he was out there? ‘Cause I know…

Eric: He’s, he’s pretty calm. I mean, he’s a, he’s a water, a water baby of sorts…

Joe: [laugh]

Eric: …he just loves the water. He just loves to be in it. Up there the water’s really cold so, it’s not, we didn’t really get him in the water. And he had a little bit of problems with the life jacket. The life jacket was a little, little tight on him. And that just made him a little uncomfortable. But, he’s, after getting the first butterflies out of his stomach (= после того как привык к этому) he just loved it. You could tell, he just was having the time of his life (= это было для него отличным временем).

Joe: Oh, that’s great. He must have been psyched (= испытывающий приятное волнение, возбуждение) to see, uh, Derek’s kids also, and Mark’s new baby.

Eric: Oh absolutely, at this age, he, they do a lot of, of parallel play. And, because he’s not old enough yet to, to play with, he kind of plays alongside. But he’s just starting to get the hang of (= почувствовать вкус к чему-л.) playing with and interacting with. And he just, he loves to be in packs of kids. It’s just he really has a great time.

Joe: Yeah, it’s like innate [laugh], y’know.

Eric: Yeah, it really is. It’s fun to watch him learn. He’s at this age of language explosion and certainly being around other kids really helps.

Joe: Oh, definitely. So you guys, uh, you went out on Mark’s boat so that must have been fun.

Eric: It was.

Joe: So, uh, what else did you guys do while you were there?

Eric: Well, y’know, on the whole boat thing…. We, uh, did some crabbing where we caught some crabs. And, uh, used the boat as sort of a shuttle to get from island to island. So we did a little bit of island hopping, with picnicking on some islands, uh…. We cooked some great meals, sort of, um, with the whole group of us together…

Joe: Oh, that’s great.

Eric: …yeah, and some people got some massages, just tried to chill out (= расслабляться) and relax, uh…. And it was just really low key (= расслабляющий). A really restful trip, which is what I think about when I think about Mark and their place up there.

Joe: Yeah, it sounds like you were really able to let go (= расслабиться), huh?

Eric: It was, it was a longer trip for me than I’ve taken in the last couple of years, goin’ up there, we went for five, five or six days, and…

Joe: Oh, I didn’t realize you were goin’ that long.

Eric: Yeah, normally I’m just up there for a long weekend…

Joe: Sure.

Eric: …but this time I thought, y’know, I haven’t taken a vacation in a while. And I just wanna get up there and chill out.

Joe: Oh, that’s great.

Eric: Yeah.

Joe: Y’know, I understand that John’s living up there now as well and, uh, if for no other reason (= если бы ничего не помешало) I should go up and visit everybody, y’know, while he’s there.

Eric: Absolutely. He, uh, he’s, he’s not living on their property anymore, uh…. He’s moved just to, y’know, really close by on the mainland off of Bellingham. So he’s in the area still. And he would just be tickled pink (= очень счастлив) to see you and to hang out with you. I know he would, so…

Joe: Yeah, I mean, uh, it’s amazing how, y’know, uh, you can let so much time pass. And, uh, you don’t even realize it’s happened when it comes to visiting with friends who live far out of town.

Eric: That’s right…

Joe: Especially ones that are really close to you.

Eric: Yeah, and the oldest of friends, it’s, uh, it…. Time just really flies and before you know it, it’s just been a long time since you’ve seen somebody. So when you get that time it’s just wonderful to take advantage of it. And certainly John being all of a sudden on the West Coast, it’s great to be able to, to just jet up to Washington and, and see him, fairly easily.

Joe: Yeah. Yeah, I told him next year I’d, I’m going to make my best effort to get up there.

Eric: I hope, I really really hope you do.

Joe: Hey, uh, y’know Eric, time’s kind of escaped me tonight (= время прошло на удивление быстро). I’m supposed to meet Kristin for dinner in a little bit. So, uh, y’know, I’d love for us to continue this conversation, uh, y’know, maybe tomorrow or somethin’, if you’re, if you’re available.

Eric: Hey, that’d be great.

Joe: Okay. Alright, listen, I’ll call you then.

Eric: Alright, take care my friend.

Joe: Alright, bye.

Eric: Bye.