Studying knows no holidays

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Studying knows no holidays


Some people believe that studying is a continuous proccess while others tend to think that there is no necessity to spend every hour of your life on acquiring knowledge and developing skills. In this essay I am going to express myself on this issue.

In my opinion, you cannot stop studying no matter what period of life you are experiencing. First of all, reality is ever-changing, so you have to stay in line with all its changes. In our sight, new sophisticated technologies appear and come into practice in all spheres of our life. You have to learn them to be able to use them properly. In addition, it is necessary to study whithout breaks because of psychologic peculiarities of people’s brain. It is our nature to forget things as the years go by. To stay knowledgeable, you cannot ignore studying, otherwise you gradually become degraded.

Nevertheless, there are people who are convinced that there is no need to live and learn for ever. Their position is based on the fact that each stage of life has its preferable purposes, and it is youth when you actively get to know yourself, choose your carreer and learn all its nuances. In adulthood your primary goal is making money.

Anyway, I cannot support my opponents’ position because making money is impossible without constant personal and professional development. To be well-paid, you have to be competitive on the labour market, which means going to advanced courses, improving your qualifications, getting additional certificates, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to stress the fact that studying is one of vitally important proccesses, which cannot be disregarded in the modern world.