ОГЭ по английскому, аудирование задание 3 (упр 5).

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.

Вы помогаете своему другу, юному радиожурналисту, проанализировать подготовленное им для передачи интервью. Прослушайте аудиозапись интервью и занесите данные в таблицу Вы можете вписать не более одного слова (без артиклей) из прозвучавшего текста. Числа необходимо записывать буквами. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

1. Date of birth ___ , 1st, 2005
2. The most difficult thing about studies ___
3. The subject of the contest he/she took part ___
4. Favourite after-class activity ___
5. The job he/she would like to do in the future ___
6. Pastime he/she is going to try in summer ___

1) January
2) Homework
3) English
4) Theater/Theatre
5) Teacher
6) Camping

Interviewer: Hello! Thank you for your agreement to take part in our survey. It’s anonymous, so you don’t have to tell me your name.
Respondent: Hello. You are welcome.
Interviewer: OK. Let’s get started. First of all, how old are you?
Respondent: Actually, I’m fourteen. I’m turning fifteen in a few months. I’m in the ninth grade. Interviewer: So, you will be celebrating your birthday in January, will you?
Respondent: Yes, believe it or not, my birthday is on the 1st of January.
Interviewer: Lucky you! You are supposed to have twice as many presents as usual on the New Year Eve?
Respondent: Actually, not. Sometimes my relatives give me just one big present for two occasions, so do my friends. Everybody thinks about the holiday, not about my birthday. It’s unfair!
Interviewer: I’d like to ask you about your studies this year. I’ve heard that they must be more difficult than they used to be last year.
Respondent: Yes, I think so. We have to work hard as we are going to take several exams. So, we are asked to do a lot of homework. I usually spend hours doing it because every teacher expects us to do everything. The amount of homework is the hardest thing this year! Sometimes I can’t go to bed until I’ve finished it all up to midnight!
Interviewer: That’s late.
Respondent: And that’s not all. This year we have to take part in several academic contests in Russian, Maths, English. Last week it was English. It was a pretty difficult test. The contests of Russian and Maths will be held in a couple of weeks.
Interviewer: Were you successful?
Respondent: I haven’t got my results yet. I hope for the best.
Interviewer: I see you have to study a lot and you’re short of time. But do you do some extracurricular activities? Do you stay at school after classes?
Respondent: Oh, yes. I do. We have a lot of sports sections at school such as volleyball, basketball, football and boxing. In fact, a section of martial arts is considered the best in our district, and the school team has won a number of international tournaments. I’m in for the school theater. I love participating in every performance, especially when it’s based on poetry.
Interviewer: Sounds interesting! Have you chosen your future job yet? Acting, maybe?
Respondent: No, not really. I was thinking of acting for some time. Then I wanted to become a journalist as I love reading and writing. But I made up my mind to become a teacher. An English teacher in fact, as I’m quite good at it.
Interviewer: Which activity do you do in your spare time, if any?
Respondent: I don’t have any free time at the moment, but I’m dreaming of going camping somewhere with my friends in summer. We’ll need a break after working hard during the school year and taking all the exams. I’ve never done camping before, but it seems challenging for me to stay in a tent in wild nature for a while.
Interviewer: Thank you for your answers and cooperation. It was nice talking to you.
Respondent: Thank you. You are welcome.