ОГЭ по английскому, аудирование задание 3 (упр 4).

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.

Вы помогаете своему другу, юному радиожурналисту, проанализировать подготовленное им для передачи интервью. Прослушайте аудиозапись интервью и занесите данные в таблицу Вы можете вписать не более одного слова (без артиклей) из прозвучавшего текста. Числа необходимо записывать буквами. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

The respondent’s grade ___ the grade
The main disadvantage of online studies ___
The main advantage of online studies ___
Favourite sports activity ___
The job he/she would like to do in the future ___
Favourite school subject ___

1) Ninth
2) Loneliness
3) Food/Meals
4) Swimming
5) Teacher
6) Literature

Interviewer: Hello! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your agreement to take part in our survey. It’s anonymous, so you don’t have to tell me your name.
Respondent: Hello. Nice to meet you.
Interviewer: OK. Let’s get started. In our survey we are asking students from the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades. Which grade are you from?
Respondent: I’m in the ninth grade. Actually, I’m fourteen. I’ll be fifteen in a few months. I went to school at six. Is it OK?
Interviewer: You are in the ninth grade, so that’s all right. First of all, I’d like to ask you about online studies. Did you like it?
Respondent: Oh, at first I loved it. I thought it would be much easier studying from home than going to class. But then, I found out that it took too much effort.
Interviewer: What do you mean by taking too much effort?
Respondent: By this I mean that you have to do a lot yourself. You always hesitate whether you are doing everything right, in time and correctly. But the main thing is that after a while I started feeling lonely without my friends. I missed my classmates a lot. Loneliness is the worst thing.
Interviewer: Yes, I see… However, was there anything positive in studying from home?
Respondent: Let me think… I think it wasn’t time consuming. I could save some time not going to and from school. But honestly, the most convenient tiling of studying online was that I could have my usual meals. You know, I’m a vegetarian and I can’t eat all the meals in our school canteen, so I’m often hungry at school. So, for me the best thing was that I could eat my usual food.
Interviewer: Right. Did you have any other inconveniences staying at home?
Respondent: Yes, I did. I couldn’t go to the gym. It was hard for me not to lead an active life.
Interviewer: What do you do in the gym?
Respondent: I like power yoga and stretching. I’m fond of tennis. But what I like most is swimming. My trainer says I’m making progress. I’ve been swimming since I was four. So it’s ten years already. I’ve won several tournaments and this year I’m working hard to make progress.
Interviewer: Are you going to become a professional sportsman?
Respondent: I was thinking of it for some time. But, to tell the truth, I’d like to be a teacher.
Interviewer: Really? It does sound unusual nowadays. What would you like to teach?
Respondent: Some years ago I was fond of languages, English especially. Now I think it is Literature. I love reading. I like different genres and styles. I can spend the whole day reading an interesting book. I can’t put a book down until I finish it.
Interviewer: I hope you’ll achieve your goals. Thank you for your answers and cooperation.
Respondent: Thank you. You are welcome.