ОГЭ по английскому, аудирование задание 3 (упр 2).

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.

Вы помогаете своему другу, юному радиожурналисту, проанализировать подготовленное им для передачи интервью. Прослушайте аудиозапись интервью и занесите данные в таблицу Вы можете вписать не более одного слова (без артиклей) из прозвучавшего текста. Числа необходимо записывать буквами. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

1. Age of the respondent ___ years old
2. The pet he/she has got ___
3. Favourite animal ___
4. The job he/she would like to do in the future ___
5. School subject he/she is good at ___
6. Sports activity he/she is going to take up ___

1) Sixteen
2) Goldfish
3) Crocodile
4) Scientist
5) English
6) Skating

Interviewer: Hello! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your agreement to take part in our survey. It’s anonymous, so you don’t have to tell me your name.
Respondent: Hello. Nice to meet you.
Interviewer: So my first question will be the following. How old are you? You see, respondents of our survey have to be from fifteen to seventeen years old. I hope you are.
Respondent: Yes, I’m sixteen.
Interviewer: Right. Well, do you have any pets?
Respondent: Yes, I do. I used to have a dog for a couple of years, but when my little sister was bom we had to give it away because unfortunately she was allergic to fur. Now I’ve got a goldfish. But I hope one day I will be able to have a cat or a bird.
Interviewer: So, your favourite animal is the cat?
Respondent: Actually, no. I’m fond of reptiles and I’ve been dreaming of having a crocodile. That’s my favourite. But I’m afraid my mom will never agree to have a crocodile at home. Interviewer: Wow, but I would not either. I’m scared when I even look at lizards, snakes and cockroaches myself. Well, what are you going to do in the future?
Respondent: I was thinking of becoming a vet last year. But I’m not sure. More probably, I’d like to be a scientist. Computer scientist actually.
Interviewer: So, I bet, your favourite subjects are Physics and Maths.
Respondent: No, I wouldn’t say so. They are the most difficult for me, I must say. Especially, Physics. My grades are not high, unfortunately. I just like everything relating technology, computers and gadgets. I love playing computer games. That’s it! What I’m really good at are foreign languages, especially English and French. I started to learn it last year.
Interviewer: Right. Which one should I write?
Respondent: English. I think.
Interviewer: OK. What are your plans for this school year?
Respondent: First of all, 1 would like to join our school basketball team. I used to play basketball in primary school. My friend told me that they were looking for new players. And the coach seems to be a professional. Then I would definitely take part in some academic contests. But what I’d like to take up is skating.
Interviewer: Skating? Why?
Respondent: Well, a new ice rink was built not far from where I live. Moreover, the equipment isn’t expensive. You just have to take a pair of shoes, socks, and a helmet and you are ready. I’ve already paid for monthly tuition.
Interviewer: Lucky you! Hope you’ll like it. Thank you for cooperation.
Respondent: You are welcome.