ОГЭ по английскому, аудирование задание 1 (упр 3).

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.

Вы услышите четыре коротких текста, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D. В заданиях 1—4 запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

1. Dianne advised that David…
1) should pay more attention to his studies.
2) needs to follow what’s going on in the world.
3) should listen to the radio every day.

2. Louise is asking George…
1) to call her back.
2) to make an arrangement for the weekend.
3) to make a booking.

3. In the street the man is asking …
1) to show him the way to the WWF.
2) to answer some questions.
3) to donate some money.

4. The speakers are discussing …
1) the bonuses of Sarah’s work.
2) a new course brochure.
3) which courses to choose.

ВОПРОС 1 – 2
ВОПРОС 2 – 1
ВОПРОС 3 – 3
ВОПРОС 4 – 3

Text A
David: Hi Diane, glad to see you again after the holidays! Diane, do you hear me? Hey!!!
Diane: Oh hi David! Sorry I had my AirPods on. What did you say?
David: No problem, just greeted you, what are you listening to?
Diane: Well, I’ve become very fond of following the news: politics, culture, economy, all current burning issues. Do you like following the news?
David: Uh, well, not really, it eats up too much time. I have other more important things to do, to tell you the truth.
Diane: What? I can’t believe it! News brings you knowledge of what’s going on around you and the world. Broadcasts and newspapers are a storehouse of knowledge, which is very important for progressing in our studies…
David: Hmm, you convinced me, what would you advise for a start?
Diane: It’s important to build up a habit of everyday reading or listening practice.
David: OK! Thanks for sharing!

Text В
Hi, George, it’s Louise. Again. Listen, I thought you were going to get back to me today about the arrangements for the weekend. I’ve been waiting for you to call and this is the third message I’ve left for you. I know you’re probably very busy but it’s important that we get this sorted out now so that I can make the booking. So, do you think you could phone me back straight away please? It’s going to be really difficult to get anything booked if you don’t let me know. So call me back as soon as possible. OK?

Text С
I’m sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could stop for a minute – I’m not going to ask you a lot of questions! I work for the World Wide Fund for Nature – my office is just round the comer, you may know where it is – and we’re trying to finance a special new campaign to protect the snow leopard. I don’t know whether you already give to the WWF but this is a particularly urgent issue and I wondered if you would like to help.

Text D
Sarah: Hi, John.
John: Hello, Sarah. What are you doing in here? Haven’t all your exams finished?
Sarah: Well, yes, they have, but I’ve got to make my decisions for next year. I still haven’t chosen what courses I’m going to do.
John: That’s why I’m here. Why don’t we have a look through the brochure together?
Sarah: That’s a good idea. I’m not sure about some of these courses on Medieval History. John: You’re working as well?
Sarah: Yeah, I’ve been working in the same place for over a year now. Only part-time, you know. Just Saturday mornings in the market. I mean, it doesn’t pay much, but it’s interesting and it gives me a bit of extra cash for my text books. Anyway, what about these courses?
John: We have to select four courses, but for some courses there are two parts. They count as one course. Have you got the course brochure there?