New information technologies cannot make one smarter

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: New information technologies cannot make one smarter


As a matter of fact, we live in the age of information technologies, varying in complexity, size, and purpose. Personal computers, computer nets, laptops, smartphones are great inventions used by people every day. The question is whether these gadgets make mankind smarter.

In my opinion, new information technologies cannot make people smarter. In the first place, most of gadgets are designed to entertain their owners. As a rule, people use their digital apparatus for pleasure, for example, for sharing casual photos, chatting online, etc. What is more, they use their gadgets to make mental tasks easier. The less brainpower we use the slower we become.

But it should also be mentioned that there are people who rate new information technologies among the best means of developing people’s mind. They believe that modern gadgets have a lot of programmes installed to train mental abilities and to make people more organized.

Nevertheless, I do not consider my opponents to be right, because the training programmes are far from high priority. Actually, people do not buy gadgets to learn a new language, to train their memory, or to master high-speed reading. People do not regard a new technology as a serious instrument for personal growth, but only as a plaything.

In conclusion, I would like to stress the fact that people get smarter when they read books, compare and contrast different facts, do much analytical work, try to solve problems, etc. They get smarter from using their brain but not their gadgets.