It is difficult to understand jokes from other countries

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: It is difficult to understand jokes from other countries


Everybody likes to laugh that is why he/she often watches comedies and humorous shows, reads funny stories. Some people consume all this content no matter where it comes from, others ignore foreign humour because they find it difficult to understand.

In my opinion, it is easy to understand jokes from other countries. First of all, much of funny content is translated in many languages. If your native language is Russian, you can choose something given in this language. In addition, real humour is universal and understood by everyone. Is it difficult to understand Charlie Chaplin’s performances? It is beyond question that his silent movies make people laugh all over the world.

But there are people who consider jokes from other countries to be incomprehensible. They say that much of homour is based on local reality. For example, many stand-up comediens make fun of a local politician you may not have an idea of. If you do not know this figure, you cannot understand why he/she is laughed at.

Nevertheless I cannot agree with the afore-mentioned statement because we live in the open world full of accessible information. If you want to learn something about a person, you can launch an Internet browser, do some clicks and get a lot of pages concerning this or that person. So, it takes you no time to get to know him/her and then understand what is funny about him/her.

To sum up, I see no problem in understanding foreign humour. The reason why some people cannot do it is their dull sense of humour and narrow-mindness. If they got more interested in the world, they could understand jokes from everywhere.