Fast food outlets should be closed

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Fast food outlets should be closed


Fast food is a flourishing modern industry conquering the whole world. It is not top-secret that this kind of food is far from being healthy. It causes serious diseases like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and, for that matter, many people want fast food outlets to be closed everywhere.

In my opinion, fast food should not be totally banned. First of all, it is very rich in calories, which are needed by every human being. You can eat one sandwich, quickly regain strength and continue working with maximum performance. In addition, fast food is convenient for busy people who can take a short break for having a snack, rather than go to a café or a restaurant for a long meal. So, fast food is a great time-saver.

But there are people who stand for closing fast food outlets everywhere. They see more harm than good in them. These people highlight the fact that many fatal diseases are caused by fast food.

Whatever the case, I cannot support the protest against fast food, because I am convinced that it is harmless when eaten in limited quantities. As a matter of fact, even clean water can break regular functions of the body if you drink it enormously. It is unbelievable that one sandwich a day ruins your health.

To sum up, it is much better for people to control their eating habits and to stop preventing fast food industry from growing.