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Hello, it’s the electronic assistant of the teen web. We kindly ask you to take part in our survey. We need to find out how people feel about using the Internet and spending time online. Please answer 6 questions. The survey is anonymous. You don’t have to give your name. So, let’s get started.

– How old are you?

Ответ: I’m 15 years old.

– How much time do you spend on the Internet every day?

Ответ: Well, it depends. I spend approximately 3 hours on weekdays, and 4 or 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. On holidays, my parents allow me to surf the net as much as I want, without any limitations.

– What do you use the Internet for?

Ответ: As for me, I use the Internet for many purposes. But frankly speaking, I mostly use the Internet to play computer games online. I also watch videos on youtube, read interesting articles and comment on them, communicate with my friends in social nets.

– What do you do in Information Technology or Computer Studies lessons?

Ответ: We have Information Technology three times a week, and we learn fundamentals of software programming. In addition to it, we learn some bits of how to deal with computer hardware. I enjoy computer science very much, that’s why I attend these lessons with greate pleasure.

– Why are computer skills useful for everyone?

Ответ: Well, I believe that in the era of information technology everybody should have at least basic computer skills. That’s absolutely necessary because everything is connected with the computers nowadays. Computers make our life easier.

– What would you recommend a person who spends too much time on the Internet?

Ответ: Yeah, the Internet is a kind of addiction nowadays, and many people like virtual life much more than real one. I would recommend these people to remember negative aspects of the Internet. I mean harm to health. Sitting in front of a computer for a long time is bad for your eyes and mental state.

This is the end of the survey. Thank you very much for your help.