Clothes people are wearing can influence their behavior.

The connection between people’s clothes and behavior has always been supposed to exist. Some people insist on a doubtless correlation between our clothes and our actions and manners. Others refute such dependence. In this essay I am going to detail my own view on the issue.

As far as I am concerned, there is not any connection between clothes people are wearing and their behavior. First of all, it is their upbringing that makes them behave in this or that way. For example, it is a proven fact that the lack of parental love begets bitterness and cruelty even if a person is dressed in the best costumes. In addition, our nature determines our behavior. So, choleric people demonstrate impatience and explosiveness despite their mode of dressing.

Yet, there are people who argue that clothes induce people to act accordingly. An elegant and expensive costume elevates a proper pride, destroys many mental stumbling blocks and, thuswise, stimulates easy and comfortable behavior.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with my opponents’ opinion. People become quickly accustomed to any conditions including what their usually wear. So, in course of time, their temper overpowers any clothes and people come back to what they really are.

In conclusion, there is much evidence that people’s behavior is determined by deeper incentives than just what they wear. So, it is irrational to attach any regulatory importance to clothes.