Cloth is material made from fibres such as cotton, wool, or nylon.

1. …machine-woven doth.
2. …strips of cotton cloth.

A cloth is a piece of cloth. The plural is cloths.

3. Remove tea stains from china with a damp doth.
4. Rinse out cleaning cloths after use and hang to dry.

Your clothes are the things you wear, such as shirts, coats, trousers, and dresses. Note that there is no singular form of clothes.

5. She laid the baby down and quickly started taking off its clothes.
6. He washed his summer clothes and put them away.

Clothing is a more formal word used to refer to a person’s clothes, either in a general way, or when talking about specific types of clothes worn for particular jobs or by particular people.

7. He takes off his wet clothing.
8. …prison clothing.
9. They have to wear spacesuit-style protective clothing.

If you want to refer to one garment, you can talk about a piece of clothing or an article of clothing.

10. He has been identified as the man who visited Malta and bought a number of articles of clothing from a boutique.