Civic is used to describe people or things that have an official or important status in a particular town or city.

1. …a civic leader from the local Pakistani community.
2. The City Council announced plans to build a 100 million dollar civic centre.

Civic is also used to describe duties, rights, and feelings that people have because they are members of a particular community.

3. She was determined to carry out her civic responsibilities.
4. There followed a remarkable burst of civic pride and enthusiasm.

The civil institutions of a country are those which are not connected with the armed forces.

5. Civil flying had virtually ceased.
6. They have their own regional systems of military and civil administration.

The civilians in a country are people who are not members of the armed forces.

7. Most of the work I did in the army could have been done by a civilian.
8. Brazil is to have its first civilian president since the military regime was set up 17 years ago.


Civil rights are the rights people have in a society to equal treatment and equal opportunities, whatever their race, sex, or religion may be.

8. The American battle for civil rights helped the battle for women’s liberation.

9. …the civil rights movement.

A person’s civil liberties are the rights they have to say, think, and do what they want as long as they respect other people’s rights.

9. Here too there has been a similar attack on civil liberties.