Чтение на английском – Упражнение 4

На этой странице находится упражнение 4 на развитие навыков чтения на английском языке.


Установите соответствие между текстами 1-6 и их тематиками A-G. Одна тема лишняя.

A. Industry
B. Science
C. Toys
D. Costumes
E. A city
F. Transport
G. Canals

Step inside this magical 1850s “Cinema” for an exciting tour of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. As the lights go down a brilliant moving image of the capital appears before you, while the guide tells the story of Edinburgh’s historic past

The National Waterways Museum of Gloucester brings to life the time when Britain’s waterways were dug between towns. Transport by these ways was cheaper than transport by land. Many exhibits give visitors the chance to relive the Age which helped to revolutionize Britain’s water system.

Black Country Museum is an open – air museum. Your visit there is always exciting and enjoyable. Guides in national costumes and working demonstrators tell visitors a story of the time when different machines were invented in Britain and factories began to develop very quickly.

Travel through time and discover the colourful story of travel. See shiny buses, tube trains and trams of different centuries. As you step into the past you’ll meet people who’ve kept London moving for 200 years. Hold tight as you put yourself in the driving seat and enjoy your journey.

This museum is full of wonderful models of trains, buses, ships and cars. See the 1920s model Story Land Park and play the old slot-machines. It also has a nursery of the beginning of the 20th century. The wonderful collection of dolls contains different marionettes from Ancient Roman Gladiator dolls to figures of today.

This museum illustrates the development of human knowledge through different instruments. The museum has a clockwork model of the solar system from 1750 as well as microscopes, telescopes, navigation instruments, electrical machines and tools.

1. – E
2. – G
3. – A
4. – F
5. – C
6. – B

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