Чтение на английском – Упражнение 3

На этой странице находится упражнение 3 на развитие навыков чтения на английском языке.


This museum tells visitors about the history of

A. architecture
B. theatre
C. sport
D. army
E. team
F. place
G. ancient times

At this museum you’ll discover die exciting story of the British soldier in peace, and war. It’ll show you how soldiers loved, worked and fought from Tudor times to the present day. Videos, models and unusual personal things bring the soldier’s story vividly to life.

This open-air museum with more than 20 buildings covers seven centuries. It is set in 6 hectares of landscaped countryside. Visitors can go inside all the buildings, ancient and modern, getting the idea of how they were designed and constructed.

When the Manchester United Museum and Trophy Room opened in 1986 it was Briton’s first purpose built football museum. It covers the history of the famous club since its beginning in 1878 right up to the present day in pictures. The Museum’s video theatre shows some films about the famous club and the matches in which they fought.

The Midland Motor Museum, the only of its kind in Europe, houses over 90 exciting racing cars. Newspapers carry news about achievements of the legends of motor sports. Photographs and prints tell visitors of teams and drivers who took part in Paris-Dakar, Formula I and other competitions.

The Yorkshire Museum has a story to tell, a historical drama that went through the centuries. On show are some of the unusual exhibits from Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking periods. Visitors will see part of Yorkshire Roman city wall which runs through the Museum Garden.

The Ironbridge Museum tells the story of a remarkable area where two hundred years ago the world’s first iron bridge symbolised the birth of a new age. Today the area looks different. Riverside pubs, antique shops, reconstructed cottages make it very attractive for tourists.

1. – D
2. – A
3. – E
4. – C
5. – G
6. – F

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