Упр 3. Чтение текста и тест в выбором ответов

Прочтите текст и выполните тест на понимание прочитанного.

Kim Frazer

It happened during a long hot summer at a small village in England. The country badly needed rain. Kim Frazer, who had heard something about North American Indians and their rain dances, decided to do something. He went into the street, took off his clothes and started his rain dance. The people in the street were surprised, even shocked. He not only danced naked, but sang strange songs and shouted special words. Very soon the police arrived. «You cannot do this in the street», they said. Kim told them about the rain dance, but they were not interested. Poor Kim was arrested and taken to the police station. The next day he appeared in court. He told his story about the rain dance. The judge wasn’t interested in the story, and fined him 25 pounds. As he left the court, it began pouring and poor Kim got soaking wet on his way home. But he felt happy, because he thought that, after all he was right.

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