Упражнение 7 на постановку глаголов во 3-ю форму

Выполните упражнение 7 на постановку неправильных глаголов во 3-ю форму (в Past Participle). В данных предложениях поставьте неправильный глагол во 3-ю форму. Проверьте себя по ключу.


1. Have you (hurt) yourself?
2. She has (put) out a new book.
3. He was (sting) by their mockings.
4. She has never (shrink) back before obstacles.
5. The boss has (give) him a bonus.
6. Is it true that he has (sell) his house at a loss?
7. Have you (sew) on a button yet?
8. They haven’t (eat) anything since breakfast.
9. He has (leave) the phone off the hook.
10. Have you (send) your parents a postcard yet?
11. I have (know) her for a long time.
12. Lately he has (rise) in her opinion.
13. They are (set) to go at any time.
14. They have (swear) loyalty to new President.
15. Have you (ride) a bicycle?

1. Have you hurt yourself? – Ты ударился?
2. She has put out a new book. – Она выпустила новую книгу.
3. He was stung by their mockings. – Его ранили их насмешки.
4. She has never shrunk back before obstacles. – Она никогда не отступала перед препятствиями.
5. The boss has given him a bonus. – Начальник дал ему премию.
6. Is it true that he has sold his house at a loss? – Правда ли, что он продал дом в убыток себе?
7. Have you sewn (можно sewed) on a button yet? – Ты уже пришил пуговицу?
8. They haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. – Они ничего не ели с завтрака.
9. He has left the phone off the hook. – Он оставил телефонную трубку снятой.
10. Have you sent your parents a postcard yet? – Ты уже отправил родителям открытку?
11. I have known her for a long time. – Я знаю ее долгое время.
12. Lately he has risen in her opinion. – Последнее время он вырос в ее мнении.
13. They are set to go at any time. – Они были готовы идти в любое время.
14. They have sworn loyalty to new President. – Они поклялись в верности новому президенту.
15. Have you ridden a bicycle? – Вы покатались на велосипеде?