Упражнение 21 на написание личного письма

Здесь находится упражнение 21 на написание письма личного характера.

… Next month I’m coming to Russia. I’m having a direct flight from Oslo to St. Petersburg. I remember you wrote me it’s a beautiful place to see.
As I can see from the itinerary, we visit churches and monasteries. On one of the evenings we’ve got a ballet at Alexandrinsky theatre. Is there any special dress code for people who visit the churches? How do normally people dress in Russia when they go to a theatre? Do you like going to the theatres?
… By the way, last week I went to my granny’s birthday…

Write a letter to Jill.
In your letter
— answer her questions
— ask 3 questions about her granny’s birthday
Write 100–140 words.
Remember the rules of letter writing.