Упражнение 2 на passive voice

Здесь находится упражнение 2 на passive voice.

Поставьте следующие предложения в страдательный залог (passive voice).


1. They have always listened to his lectures with great interest.

2. He explained the rule to us.

3. Nobody slept in the bed.

4. She can’t dance when you are looking at her.

5. What song did they sing you?

6. They were looking at the picture with admiration.

7. He has thrown away all his old notebooks.

8. I must think the matter over.

9. I have spoken to the Dean on the subject.

10. People are talking a lot about this film.

11. People always laugh at his jokes.

12. They argued about the incident for a long time.

13. You cannot speak lightly of such matters.

1. His lectures have always been listened to with great interest.

2. The rule was explained to us.

3. The bed wasn’t slept in.

4. She can’t dance when she is being looked at.

5. What song was sung to you?

6. The picture was being looked at with admiration.

7. All his old notebooks have been thrown away.

8. The matter must be thought over.

9. The Dean has been spoken to on the subject.

10. This film is being talked about a lot.

11. His jokes are always laughed at.

12. The incident was argued about for a long time.

13. Such matters cannot be spoken of lightly.

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