Упражнение 6 на приставки английского языка.

В каждом предложении преобразуйте выделенное слово при помощи приставок таким образом, чтобы предложение получило правильный смысл.

I have decided to write my BIOGRAPHY! Now, you may think at 25 that I am too MATURE to embark upon such an ambitious project but I think age is completely RELEVANT. Anyway, I’m sure that my literary abilities will allow me to COME that hurdle only too easy. It will be written in a form of a LOGUE in which I tell the world about some of the BELIEVABLY interesting events in my life so far. I also intend to clear up some very common and totally LOGICAL CONSEPTIONS about the NATURAL and finally convince people that all those pseudo-intellectuals at universities have got it all wrong. Being my friend, I hope you will buy a copy or it would be extremely LOYAL not to do so, after all.


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