Упражнение 5 на приставки английского языка.

В каждом предложении преобразуйте выделенное слово при помощи приставок таким образом, чтобы предложение получило правильный смысл.

  • He never phones his friends or goes out any more: he’s becoming really social.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] anti-social [/spoiler]
  • With 600 billion people, the country faces population.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] over-population [/spoiler]
  • Don’t you think it was very responsible to leave a six-year-old alone in the house.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] irresponsible [/spoiler]
  • There are too many mistakes in this essay: I’m afraid you’ll have to write it.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] rewrite [/spoiler]
  • He added a script to his letter to say that he received her check.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] postscript [/spoiler]
  • I think I have done the steaks: they’re very tough.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] overdone [/spoiler]
  • Drugs are legal in almost every country on earth.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] illegal [/spoiler]

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