Упражнение 4 на приставки английского языка.

В каждом предложении преобразуйте выделенное слово при помощи приставок таким образом, чтобы предложение получило правильный смысл.

  • Known as Saint Nicholas in Germany, Santa Claus was usually accompanied by Black Peter, an elf, who punished obedient children.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] disobedient [/spoiler]
  • Unemployment and costs have risen to acceptable levels.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] unacceptable [/spoiler]
  • If he has his opinions on a subject, he is movable.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] immovable [/spoiler]
  • She headed back home and left her mission accomplished.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] unaccomplished [/spoiler]
  • She is a rather trustful person to strangers.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] distrustful [/spoiler]
  • It was an mistakable step of his: he had won.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] unmistakable [/spoiler]
  • It was rational to react in that manner.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] irrational [/spoiler]
  • It is legal to drive while intoxicated.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] illegal [/spoiler]
  • It was modest of them to say that.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] immodest [/spoiler]
  • He had made progress that was previously achievable.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] unachievable [/spoiler]
  • It would be accurate to say that she has been dismissed.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] inaccurate [/spoiler]
  • He felt a growing satisfaction with himself and his position.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] dissatisfaction [/spoiler]
  • It is a alcoholic drink.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] non-alcoholic [/spoiler]
  • You were attentive at the lecture, that’s why you didn’t understand anything.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] inattentive [/spoiler]
  • The Great Himalayan region is one of the few remaining isolated and accessible areas in the
    world today.
  • [spoiler title=”ответ”] inaccessible [/spoiler]

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