Транспорт на английском : Упражнение 8

Определите, идет ли речь о корабле (SHIP), велосипеде (BIKE), самолете (PLANE) или поезде (TRAIN).

1. I always get nervous just before take-off and landing.
2. Our cabin was fantastic and we could walk straight out onto the deck beside the pool.
3. Passengers for Hastings must use the first three carriages only.
4. I got a puncture on the way home and I didn’t have a pump with me so I had to walk.
5. All the seats were taken and I didn’t want to stand so I went and sat in a first-class compartment.
6. I had a seat right over one of the wings so I couldn’t see much out of the window.
7. It isn’t easy pedalling up that hill on the way into work, I can tell you.
8. Can you tell me which platform it leaves from, please?

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