Транспорт на английском : Ответ к упражнению 8

Здесь находится ответ к упражнению 8 по теме ТРАНСПОРТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

1. I always get nervous just before take-off and landing. – PLANE
2. Our cabin was fantastic and we could walk straight out onto the deck beside the pool. – SHIP
3. Passengers for Hastings must use the first three carriages only. – TRAIN
4. I got a puncture on the way home and I didn’t have a pump with me so I had to walk. – BIKE
5. All the seats were taken and I didn’t want to stand so I went and sat in a first-class compartment. – TRAIN
6. I had a seat right over one of the wings so I couldn’t see much out of the window. – PLANE
7. It isn’t easy pedalling up that hill on the way into work, I can tell you. – BIKE
8. Can you tell me which platform it leaves from, please? – TRAIN

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