Транспорт на английском : Упражнение 4

Здесь находится четвертое упражнение по теме ТРАНСПОРТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

Вставьте пропущенные слова:

calling, delay, change, running, arrival, standing

1. We apologise for the late ____ of the 8.10 from Cambridge. This train will now arrive at platform 2 in approximately 15 minutes’ time.
2. The 4.45 to Portsmouth is ____ approximately 20 minutes late. We apologise to passengers for the ____ and any inconvenience this may cause.
3. The train now ____ at platform 4 is the 7.45 for London Victoria, ____ at Gatwick Airport and East Croydon. Passengers for London Bridge should ____ at East Croydon.

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