Транспорт на английском : Упражнение 3

Здесь находится третье упражнение по теме ТРАНСПОРТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

Вставьте слова в пропуски:

passengers, hold-up, fares, commuters, timetable, queue, rush-hour, unreliable

1. I see they’ve put train ____ up again. That’s the second increase this year.
2. I hate travelling during the ____ . I had to stand all the way home again last night.
3. The service is even worse since they changed the ____ . Now there are only two trains an hour instead of three.
4. Up and down to London every day – I don’t know how these ____ do it. It would drive me crazy.
5. I’d come by car if I were you. The trains are so ____ these days.
6. Sorry I’m late again. There was another ____ just outside the station – a problem with signals or something.
7. There was such a long ____ at the ticket office that I nearly missed my train.
8. I sometimes think the only people the train companies don’t listen to are their ____ .

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