Транспорт на английском : Упражнение 1

Здесь находится первое упражнение по теме ТРАНСПОРТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

Вставьте пропущенные слова:

miss, cancel, leave, catch, delay, run

1. Can you tell me where I can ____ the number 8 bus, please? – Yes, the stop’s round the corner in front of the Town Hall.
2. Which platform does the train go from? – 18. Hurry up or we’ll ____ it. We’ve got two minutes.
3. Come on, let’s go. Our train ____ in five minutes.
4. Sorry. I’ll be a bit late for the meeting. My train’s been ____ by half an hour.
5. The buses are ____ late again. I’ve been waiting for nearly twenty minutes now,
6. We regret to announce that the 18.04 train to Bristol has been ____ .

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