Транспорт на английском : Ответ к упражнению 1

Здесь находится ответ к упражнению 1 по теме ТРАНСПОРТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

1. Can you tell me where I can catch the number 8 bus, please? – Yes, the stop’s round the corner in front of the Town Hall.
2. Which platform does the train go from? – 18. Hurry up or we’ll miss it. We’ve got two minutes.
3. Come on, let’s go. Our train leaves in five minutes.
4. Sorry. I’ll be a bit late for the meeting. My train’s been delayed by half an hour.
5. The buses are running late again. I’ve been waiting for nearly twenty minutes now,
6. We regret to announce that the 18.04 train to Bristol has been cancelled.

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