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Speaking about my favourite subject I must admit that I was privileged to study at a school where the English language was taught since the first form, as it was a specialized English school. Since the first days at school English has become my favourite subject. At the age of seven we were introduced into foreign speech and were taught to read, write and listen to short texts in English. Our first English teacher made each lesson an interesting game which we enjoyed very much. It was exciting and easy to learn English at that time by playing games and singing songs. As we grew older our lessons became more instructive and serious. In senior forms we had five English lessons a week and two additional lessons in English and American literature and technical translation. Much attention was paid to grammar, writing all kinds of tests, speaking and listening. Though we had a long-term extensive course of English, a certain amount of work was to be done at home as well. Frankly speaking, getting ready for the English lessons didn’t take a lot of time because usually we were not given huge hometasks. They were mainly grammar exercises, vocabulary and texts for reading. I always did my homework because I understood that only by working hard and continuously you could make progress in a foreign language.