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Having a holiday is always great fun in many ways. Firstly, people have a day off from work, secondly it’s a variety and relaxation from everyday routine. Every country has got its own public (national) and religious holidays. In our country there are ten public holidays that are observed nationwide and are official days off.

I love all kinds of holidays but most of all I admire the national traditions connected with them. My best loved holidays are the New Year with a New Year tree, Christmas with plenty of delicious food to eat and Easter with red eggs and an Easter pie. The preparation for these holidays starts long before they come. Thus about a fortnight before the New Year streets are decorated with colourful lights, the shop windows display a wide choice of New Year toys and Christmas gifts. It should be pointed out that unlike Catholic Christmas, Orthodox Christmas comes a week after the New Year and this week in Russia is called Kalyady. During the Christmas week street festivals of all kinds take place.

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