Тесты по английскому. Тест 12.

<= Все тесты по английскому. Здесь находится тест по английскому №12. Выберите наиболее близкий по смыслу вариант. После выполнения теста нажмите кнопку Check it для проверки.

to adore (to love) (!to desire) (!to celebrate)

to affect (to influence) (!to include) (!to improve)

to alter (to change) (!to repair) (!to make up)

to amuse (to entertain) (!to amaze) (!to exaggerate)

to astonish (to surprise) (!to guess) (!to pack)

to depart (to leave) (!to compare) (!to break)

to fasten (to tie) (!to feed) (!to dress)

to frighten (to scare) (!to disturb) (!to comfort)

to happen (to occur) (!to accept) (!to take part)

to hug (to embrace) (!to hand) (!to wave)

to imitate (to copy) (!to ignore) (!to draw)

to join (to unite) (!to enjoy) (!to wrap)

to obtain (to get) (!to build) (!to skip)

to preserve (to keep) (!to pretend) (!to feed)

to require (to need) (!to provide) (!to compel)

to select (to choose) (!to display) (!to discover)

to settle (to decide) (!to persuade) (!to deceive)

to shout (to yell) (!to worry) (!to stare)

to tremble (to shake) (!to stretch) (!to kneel)

to weep (to cry) (!to fasten) (!to rub)