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You Are What You Eat

Good food helps keep you healthy. Remember all those wonderful sayings about food: “Milk gives you strong bones”, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “Carrots help you see in the dark”? Common sense tells us that good food plays an important part in good health.

Good food gives us seven important things. Protein helps people to grow, minerals make their teeth and bones strong, and water is necessary for their blood and for cleaning the whole organism. Fats and carbohydrates give people energy, and fibre cleans the inside of their bodies. Vitamins are needed for eyes, bones, skin and other parts of the human body. There are thirteen types of vitamins in different types of food.

Eating a balanced diet of good nutritious food can keep your resistance up. And you know that when your resistance is low your chances of getting sick are much higher.

A well-balanced diet can work wonders. But if people adore fast food which is high in salt, sugar and fats, and low in fibre and vitamins, they don’t take care of their health and are in real danger. So think about it.