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Yankee Doodle

One song that almost every American knows and likes is Yankee Doodle. The words are foolish, but the tune is a good one.

The song has a long history. More than a thousand years ago, it was sung in church, in Italy. The Italian people liked it so much that they put other words to it and began to sing it in the vineyards as they worked.

It spread to other parts of Europe. In Holland, it was used as a harvest song. In England, in Shakespeare’s time, it was a nursery song. Later other sets of words were put to it.

The words Americans sing now were made by an English Army doctor at the time of the war over American colonies with France. The doctor wrote the words to make fun of American soldiers who were not well trained and did not have good uniforms, but the Americans liked both the words and the tune. At the time of the Revolutionary War, Yankee Doodle was popular in all the colonies. The commander of the British army hated it and said he did not want to hear the song again, but he had to hear it when the British troops were defeated. The American troops played Yankee Doodle as the British soldiers marched away to go back to England.