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Why Four-Day Workweeks Are Best

Gina is the owner of a small, but busy, graphic design firm. She had knee surgery and found it difficult to get around. So she started giving herself — and her staff — four-day workweeks. It was meant to be temporary, and Gina only made the change because she felt guilty staying home while the others worked.

From Monday through Thursday, her staff got in early to get their work done. Productivity grew dramatically. People still had fun, but even the office chitchat seemed more efficient. And when they were at work, they worked.

They were using the extra day off to spend time with their families, do things and take long weekends away. People ended up taking fewer vacation days, and sick days disappeared almost entirely. When there’s less time to work, there’s less time to waste. And when you have a compressed workweek, you tend to focus on what’s important.

The culture of work in America often demands being on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even as salaries go lower. That’s because we’re programmed to believe that working longer and harder leads to greater achievements. But what if working less is the real key to success?