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Ted Robbins is a rock singer. He made his first record five years ago. It was not a great success in Britain but it became popular in New Zealand. So they invited him for a concert tour together with a popular American group.

Ted was not rich at that time so he bought an economy class ticket. The flight was long and boring. He watched some films, ate three dinners and tried to sleep.

Then the plane landed in Oakland. It was his first tour and Ted was excited. The plane stopped and the passengers were invited to get off. When Ted was walking down the steps, he saw a crowd of people, waving and cheering. There were some photographers among them. Ted was happy. He did not expect any welcome. He began to smile and to wave back. But the photographers were not taking any pictures. Then Ted looked round.

There were two sets of steps: one for economy class and one for business class passengers. All people were looking at the business class steps. There was Prince William coming down. He was smiling and waving back at the crowd.

Ted felt really stupid. Nobody was meeting him. He took a bus to his hotel and went straight to his room.